AGNÈS RODON (Badalona 1961)

Agnès Rodon's work is developed through the exploration of sensations in the world. The color, shapes and supports used by the artist are unified to create the right artistic harmony for each work.


Born in Badalona (Barcelona), she manifests her art through various artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture and engraving. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades Pau Gargallo of Badalona and has done several courses of artistic specialization.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions and fairs, both in Spain and internationally: Châttillon (Paris), Rome (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Miami (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Vancouver (Canada).


It has been awarded with important national and international prizes like the First Prize II International Contest of Painting Cola Cao, the First Prize Painting II International Exhibition of Plastic Arts ACEA of Barcelona, ​​the First International Prize of Painting Beaux Arts Europan Club in France or the Second Prize of the National Painting Competition MIR.

Some of his works are exhibited in museums or institutions such as the Matthias Kühn Foundation (Mallorca), the Nutrexpa Collection (Barcelona) or in Ernesto Ventós' visual odor collection.


1979-83 Graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades Pau Gargallo. Badalona. Specialty of ceramics.

1988 Illustration course. Pau Gargallo Badalona.

1995 Taxation and lithography courses in all its specialties. La Rectoria, Contemporary Art Center. San Pere de Vilamajor. Barcelona

1998 Serigraphy and Image Seminar. The rectory. Center d'Art Contemporani. San Pere de Vilamajor. Barcelona.

2004 Serigraphy course. Massana School. Barcelona


1983 Caja Madrid. Madrid. Collective exhibition of ceramics.

1986 Sala Refugi. Badalona. Barcelona.

1987 Caixa d'Estalvis Vilafranca. Collective exhibition.

1988 Sala Villegas. Barcelona. Ceramic Exhibition.

1990 The Miami International art and design fair. Miami USES.

1996 Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona. Bcn. Individual Exhibition.

1996 and 1997 Sala Maremàgnum. Barcelona. Collective exhibition.

1997 Room Roglan. Grup Frescor Barcelona.

1997 Room Roglan. Gràfic-4. Barcelona. Original graphic work.

1997 Freneria Room 3. Barcelona.

1997 International Salon ACEA. Barcelona (Olympic Village).

1998 Espai d'Art Contemporani. Maria Villalba St. Feliu de Guíxols. Individual exhibition.

1998 Roglan Room. Barcelona.

1998 Supermarket of Art. American Prints. Seville.

1998 Room Gòtica de l'Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, Diputació de Lleida.

1998 Art-Expo. Fira d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. María Villalba Gallery.

1999 International Exhibition of Modern Art. Rome. Italy.

1999 American Prints Art Supermarket. La Coruña Madrid

1999 Sala Espais d'Art ACEA'S. Art and Society Exhibition. Barcelona.

1999 Art-Box Gallery. Madrid. Barcelona.

1999 Hiper-Art Andorra.

2000 Ismes Gallery. Vilanova i la Geltrú. Barcelona.

2000 Palace of Congresses. Auditorium of A Coruña.

2000 Fira del Dibuix. Roglan Room Barcelona.

2000 Current Tendències. He exhibited La Casa Elizalde. Barcelona.

2000 Topaz Art Gallery of Barcelona.

2000 IIIª Mostra St Jordi. Art Current Artistes Associats. Barcelona.

2000 Art-Box Gallery Villanueva-Madrid

2000 The Alcazaba. Merida

2000 Galileo Cultural Center. Madrid.

2000 American Prints. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, A Coruña, Palma, Malaga.

2001 Palace of Los Pimentel. Valladolid.

2001 El Corte Inglés Cultural Hall. Barcelona. Madrid.

2001 Max Mara. Barcelona.

2001 Badalona Museum. Exposure Sequences. Barcelona.

2001 Maison des Arts. Châttillon. Paris.

2001 Gallery Art Box. Barcelona.

2001 American Prints. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Coruña, Bilbao, Seville, Malaga.

2002 Tokyo International Art Festival. Ginza Sharou Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.

2002 Sennacheribbo Gallery. Barcelona.

2002 American Prints: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Valladolid, Vitoria.

2003 House-Decor. Madrid.

2003 Gallery. Private collection. Madrid.

2003 American Prints: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, La Corunya, Valencia, Rome, Milan.

2003 Art-Expo. Barcelona.

2004 Mira-Mira. Painted kites. Exhibition in the sky. Saint Sebastian. Barcelona.

2004 American Prints. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Bilbao.

2005 Dual Art Gallery. Madrid.

2005 Encore Art Group. Vancouver Glen.

2006 Winn Devon. USES.

2006 Pou d'Art Gallery. San Cugat del Vallés. Barcelona.

2007 Fernando Alcolea Gallery. Barcelona.

2007 Dual Art Gallery Madrid.

2007 Ca'n Pinós Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.

2008 Matthias Kühn Foundation. Palma de Mallorca.

2008 International Contemporary Art Fair of Marbella. MARB ART.

2009 Dual Art. Madrid.

2009 Raluy. Space of Art Badalona. Barcelona.

2010 Art in the wind. Badalona. Barcelona.

2010 Hotel Illa. Andorra.

2011 Ismes Gallery. Vilanova i la Geltrú.

2012 Casadecor. Barcelona.

2013 Crisolart Galleries. Barcelona.

2014 The Gallery. Barcelona.

2015 Aqua Fortis Gallery. Barcelona.

2015 Aqua Fortis Gallery. Art on paper. Barcelona.

2016 Art Libris. Barcelona.

2016 Aqua Fortis Gallery. Calm Art. Barcelona.

2017 Reconstruction Exhibition. Sala Ronda, Barcelona.

2017 Berlin Liste Art Fair. Unique Gallery, Torino.

2017 Luxemburg Art Fair. Unique Gallery, Torino.

2018 Reconstruction. Sala Ronda, Madrid.

2018 Reconstruction. Sala Cambio de sentido - ONCE Foundation, Madrid. 

2018 Ivorypress, Madrid. 


2000 First Prize II Biennial Painting Contest

2000 Second Prize I National Painting Competition Mir. Barcelona.

2000 Honorable Mention Ciudad de Berga Contest. Barcelona.

1997 Second prize. Casino. Badalona. Barcelona.

1997 Selected Painting Competition Agrupación Mútua Indústria y Comercio.

1997 First prize Painting II International Exhibition of Plastic Arts ACEA. Barcelona.

1997 First International Painting Prize Beaux Arts Europan Club. Beziers France

1996 Selected Painting Competition Agrupación Mútua Indústria y Comercio.

Works in museums and institutions

City Council of Badalona (Barcelona) .Basket magic

Collection Matthias Kühn Foundation (Palma de Mallorca).

Jaurena Collection. Mir paintings (Art Background).

Museum of Badalona (Art Fund).

Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation (International Center for Documentation and Research of Basketball, Madrid).

Nutrexpa Collection (Art Fund of Barcelona).

BCIN (International Business Center of Badalona).

ONCE Foundation Collection (Madrid). 

Agnès Rodon Galceran    artista plástica     686964778

C/ Plaça de Pep Ventura, 16, 08912, Badalona

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